Each 1 liter contains:

Vitamin B1  7 g
Vitamin B2  10 g
Vitamin B6 7 g
Vitamin B12 800 microgram
Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid) 15 g
Nicotinic acid 30 g
Folic acid  1.2 g
Vitamin K3 40 g
Choline chloride 45 g 
Distilled water up to 1 liter


  • Improving feed conversion (FCR) with effective feed utilization and
  • Increase the rate of fertility and hatchability
  • Stimulation of growth and production of eggs and meat
  • Relieve stress conditions due to vaccination, debarking, transporting, rehousing, changes of feed and weather, etc…
  • Increases the viability and resistance against diseases.

Dose:    Poultry :  1 ml / 2 liter of drinking water

Package   :  1 liter

Origin          : Italy

Expiry date : 1  year from manufacturing date

Produced by :Methodo special fluid