Item Amount
Vitamin E 7 g
Biotin 60 mg
Zinc chelate with glycine 39 g
Zinc 26 %+ glycine 74 %
cobalt acetate
20 mg
1 mg
sodium selenite
2 g
44 g
Sepiolite 100 g
Bentonite 100 g
Carrier up to 1 kg
Cereal grain from wheat

Dose :Indication: source of vitamins and minerals

mix with the other components of the feed at the dose of 1% or at the following dosages per head per day:

Dairy cows: 100-150 g.

Sheeps and goats: 25-40 g.

Pack : 1, 5,10,20,25kg

Expiry date  :2 years

Origin: Italy

Manufactured by Method chemicals